II. Of Flesh and Stone

“And it wasn’t just here in front of his eyes that the work of those hard hands could be seen. He could imagine many countries all over the world, endless rows of houses roofed with slates from Moel Arian , and the same moon shining down on them as was throwing its spears of light on Moel Arian tonight.”
Feet in Chains by Kate Roberts


2017 – Ongoing

The hills of North Wales have been transformed by the large-scale extraction of slate; its mass manipulation spawning towns and communities, its dissemination satisfying a global demand.

The landscape bears the scars of this conquest, and nurtures stories of its making. A past dependence on the rock continues to shape the human narratives unfolding within these hills and valleys.

Meanwhile, on distant rooftops of towns and cities forged by the very same forces of industry, the dwindling vestiges of these mountainsides endure amongst the glass, concrete and steel.

This project gallery will be available to view in early 2018.


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